A birdwatching game: do you recognize all birds?

Are you brave enough to play this birdwatching game, alone or even better: with your birdwatching friends?

Watch the video below. The coming ten minutes you will see 88 birds! Do you know their names? Fill out this free empty form. In case you need more time, simply stop the video. After watching the whole video, continue reading under the video. You can also play this game in Dutch.

Your score

Once you have finished the game, you download the free form with all the answers. Your maximum score is 850 points. Check your answers and calculate your score.

O dear! I am crying. Do not think you are a bird watcher, you rookie! Suggestion: buy a bird guide and read at least one page a day.

Well well, you have recognized several rare birds! Do not be satisfied and try to improve yourself. Try to find an experienced birdwatcher as a friend and ask him anything!

I would like to watch birds with you. You seem to be a serious type. But you should perform better!

Congratulations! I wish everybody had the knowledge you have. Maybe you are able to educate other people? Make them excited about birdwatching.

You really are a topnotch! Nearly a perfect game.

Perfect! You are the best. Career advice: become a professional birdwatcher in a way that suits you.